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Watch: Youth Baseball Coach Attacks Parent With Bat

A youth baseball coach attacks a parent with a bat.

If you are a coach, how do you handle vocal parents? Do you ignore them? Confront them?

If you're one particular youth baseball coach from Ohio, you go after a parent you're angry with with an aluminum bat.

This weekend, a parent named Chris McDonald published a video on Facebook featuring coach Paul Melvin of the 13U Cincinnati Flames attacking a parent with a bat. It is pretty shocking.

In the video below, you can see Melvin in a white hat rush to confront an unidentified parent. He is clearly holding a bat.

It is unclear what caused this outburst from Melvin. Perhaps the parent he went after said something he didn't like.

Regardless of what set him off, Melvin is in the wrong here. You just can't go after people with bats.

It wouldn't surprise us if his youth baseball coaching career is over. He's probably lucky if that's all that happens to him.

Crazy, crazy world we live in.