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Here's The Best Bracket In The Country Heading Into The Final Four

One user in ESPN's bracket challenge somehow saw all of this coming.

The NCAA Tournament resumes on Saturday night, so let's take a look at the best bracket in the country heading into the final three games of the season.

ESPN user Jdenbesten1, whose bracket is titled Jdenbesten1 n CRogers, sits in first place by him/herself in ESPN's bracket challenge. Of course, they have all four Final Four teams right.

How did they get there? They nailed 25 of the 32 games in the first round, 12 of the 16 games in the second round, six of the eight games in the Sweet 16 and all four Final Four teams.

Here's the entire bracket, via ESPN. It's beyond impressive.

Here is the best bracket in the country for 2018.

Moving forward? They have Michigan taking on Kansas, with the Wolverines prevailing in a close contest. Michigan fans are clearly hoping their luck doesn't run out.

The Final Four resumes Saturday night, with Michigan taking on Loyola Chicago and Villanova taking on Kansas.