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Big Ten's Jim Delany, Big 12's Bob Bowlsby Continue To Balk At "Pay For Play" Talk

"No, no, definitely not."

In a total non-surprise, it didn't take long for the discussion with the power conference commissioners at today's IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum to turn to the idea of 'pay for play.' Over the next several years, the NCAA is going to have to undergo significant changes because many schools and programs aren't happy with the current system of college athletics. One of the most pressing issues surrounds student-athletes and their worth -- should they be getting paid for the services, which often bring boatloads of money to their respective schools?

Today, when asked about pay for play, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany completely balked at the idea:

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott also shared similar sentiments -- neither believes that college athletes should be paid:

It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of the discussions in the near future -- everyone seems to agree that something with the current system needs to be changed, but paying athletes doesn't seem to be the ideal solution in the eyes of the conference commissioners.