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Bill Belichick, Girlfriend Linda Holliday Enjoyed A Trip To Paris

Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holliday pose for a picture at The Preakness Stakes.

The New England Patriots have completed mandatory minicamp. The team is now off from mandatory activities until training camp in July. Players and coaches now get to enjoy their summer.

Bill Belichick is certainly doing just that. The head coach and his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, have made several fun trips.

The couple was recently in New York. They later took in the Belmont Stakes. And then, this past weekend, they were in Paris.

It's been quite the birthday month for Holliday.

Few people appear to be able to make Belichick smile. And no one seems to do it better than Holiday.

Good for Bill and Linda. They appear to be very happy.

Training camp will be here before you know it for the Patriots, too. New England is set to begin practice for the 2018 season on Wednesday, July 26. The first practice that's open to the public will take place the following day.