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Bill Self Addresses Kansas Being Named In FBI Investigation

Bill Self speaks to reporters.

As the dominoes continue to fall in the FBI's probe into the corruption in college basketball - a lot of people tied to college hoops are going to have their feet held to the fire and coaches are no exception.

On Tuesday, the United States attorney’s office released a list of charges against four college basketball programs and in the process implicated two additional teams. Miami and Louisville were already named in the FBI’s investigation, but Kansas and NC State had not been. Federal prosecutors allege that the families of former players from those programs received funds from Adidas representative, Jim Gatto, who also faces charges.

Tuesday evening, Kansas' basketball program held its end-of-the-year banquet. Bill Self was asked about the accusations levied by the FBI, and here's how the head coach addressed them:

"Well, I haven't read the entire... information or what not. I've seen parts of it. It came out right before the banquet, so I haven't had a chance to really study it. What I do understand is that it was listed - that obviously the University of Kansas was listed as - there was some wrongdoing that occurred that is affiliated with Kansas. I did not see nor do I believe that you know, we were thought of to be anything other than a victim in the situation. So I'll reserve comment further, in details, because you know, I obviously have been told that's the direction I need to do and let the university speak to specific matters. But as far as what I know and what I've seen - it's disappointing. Certainly, it took away from what was a really nice evening tonight from a thought standpoint, but it doesn't - it shouldn't take away from us feeling good about what's going on within our program."

Bill Self took over for Kansas after the 2002-2003 season and led the program to a national title in 2008. Under Self, the Jayhawks have reached the Final Four three times, including this past season with Silvio De Sousa on the roster. According to ESPN, De Sousa, who was cleared to play in January, could potentially be one of the unnamed players in the FBI's recent report.

It isn't the first time a Kansas player has been connected to the FBI's investigation. In February Yahoo! Sports dropped a bombshell report which alleged former Jayhawks star Josh Jackson received a loan of over $15,000.

Kansas released a statement on Tuesday addressing the allegations. It did not directly address any of the players or entities linked to the FBI's report.