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Bill Simmons On Marc Stein: "What's Happening Is Reprehensible"

Simmons isn't happy with how ESPN has handled Marc Stein.

Bill Simmons isn't happy with how ESPN is treating well-respected NBA reporter Marc Stein.

The veteran NBA reporter was laid off by the Worldwide Leader as part of the network's massive cuts. It's been rumored that ESPN is replacing him with Yahoo! Sports' insider Adrian Wojnarowksi and his The Vertical staff.

Simmons says what ESPN is doing to Stein is "reprehensible."

He didn't go into much more detail than that, but hinted that he might in the future.

While Stein was part of the layoffs, he's continued to report high-level NBA news. He's conducted high-profile interviews on ESPN Radio, too.

It's unclear what exactly is going on here, but according to Simmons, it's not good.