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Blake Griffin Trashed By Ex-Fiancee In New Lawsuit

Blake Griffin taking questions from the media.

PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: Blake Griffin #32 of the Los Angeles Clippers answers questions from the media at the Los Angeles Clippers Training Center on September 25, 2017 in Playa Vista, California. (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

NBA star Blake Griffin is being sued by his ex-fiancee and the mother of his two children. Brynn Cameron, Griffin's ex, is suing him for palimony.

Griffin and Cameron were together for about 8 years. They have two kids together and were engaged to be married. However, Griffin called off the wedding.

The star forward for the Detroit Pistons has since moved onto Kendall Jenner. Cameron, meanwhile, also has a kid with former star USC quarterback Matt Lienart.

TMZ Sports has the details on the lawsuit. They're pretty ugly.

From TMZ Sports:

According to the lawsuit, filed on Valentine's Day by high-powered celebrity lawyer Bryan Freedman, Griffin made repeated pledges to Cameron, promising to support her after insisting she abandon her sports marketing job and interior design business.

The suit says Brynn did everything for Blake ... "Cameron was not just the mother of Griffin's children and their caregiver, she was also a constant support for Griffin -- his personal assistant, meal planner, scheduler, stylist, publicist, party planner, nurse, nutritionist, branding expert, therapist, cheerleader, basketball and fitness consultant, and more."


While Griffin is continuing to earn millions from his NBA and endorsement deals, Cameron and their children are homeless and cash-strapped. In Griffin's absence, Cameron's brother has had to provide Cameron and the children with financial support."

TMZ Sports also has details on the calling off of the engagement.

Brynn says she and Blake were slated to tie the knot in St. Barth's on July 28, 2017 -- but one month before the wedding, he demanded she sign a prenup.

Brynn shut him down -- claiming the prenup contradicted the oral agreement they made in 2013.

Blake then called off the wedding 1 week before the date -- and Blake sent a note to guests saying, "Brynn and I take this commitment to each other seriously and want to ensure it is done in the right way."

You can view the full details here.