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Blown Call In Georgia High School State Title Game Affects Outcome

Referee makes controversial call in Georgia high school state title game.

A blown call appears to have affected the outcome of a high school state title game.

This past Friday night, Peach County took on Calhoun for the Class 3A Georgia state title. Calhoun won the game, 10-6, but it wasn't without some serious controversy.

With Peach County facing a 4th-and-9 with 3:40 to play, wideout Noah Whittington appeared to haul in a 21-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Antonio Gilbert. But the referee, right on top of the play, ruled the pass incomplete.

Replay showed that Whittington caught the ball. At the worst, he was down a yard or so early of the goal line.

Here's video. Simply put, it's a terrible call that cost Peach County six or seven points.

Peach County got the ball back about two minutes later, but wasn't able to mount a final drive.

According to the Macon Telegraph, the school's principal has sent a letter to the president of Georgia High School Athletics. There's also now a petition out there to have instant replay become available in state title games.