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Boston Globe Drops Major Story About ESPN's Treatment Of Women

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A major story about ESPN's treatment of women has dropped.

The Boston Globe has released a major story about ESPN's treatment of women.

The story includes allegations of sexual harassment of unfair treatment, saying the Worldwide Leader has an "entrenched locker room culture" with men making "unwanted sexual propositions to female colleagues" including "unsolicited shoulder rubs," ranking women on looks and the sending of shirtless selfies.

One of the details is prominent SportsCenter host John Buccigross being accused of sending shirtless selfies to Adrienne Lawrence.

Lawrence accused John Buccigross, a longtime SportsCenter anchor who she viewed as a mentor, of sending unsolicited shirtless photographs of himself and calling her “dollface,” “#dreamgirl,” and “#longlegs” in messages from 2016 reviewed by the Globe. Lawrence said she tried to remain cordial in the e-mails but at one point responded: “You need to wear clothes, sir.”

When rumors spread that the two were in a relationship, Lawrence repeatedly complained to company officials and was advised by a supervisor to drop the matter, according to the complaint.

Buccigross admitted to sending the photos but denied starting rumors about a potential relationship.

“I considered Adrienne to be a friend,” Buccigross said in a statement to the Globe. “I’m sorry if anything I did or said offended Adrienne. It certainly wasn’t my intent.”

ESPN released the following statement about its culture.

“We work hard to maintain a respectful and inclusive culture at ESPN,” ESPN spokeswoman Katina Arnold said. “It is always a work in progress, but we’re proud of the significant progress we’ve made in developing and placing women in key roles at the company in the boardroom, in leadership positions throughout ESPN, and on air.”

You can read the Globe's full story here.