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Video: Penn State LB Brandon Smith Ejected For Targeting After Controversial Call

Brandon Smith ejected


Watch as Penn State LB Brandon Smith is ejected by the refs for targeting. Was it the right call?

Penn State LB Brandon Smith was ejected in the second quarter against Michigan after an iffy targeting call by the referees. Smith appeared to be trying to intercept a pass to Michigan's Grant Perry when his shoulder pads came into contact with Perry's facemask. The refs reviewed the call, and it was upheld, thus Smith was ejected.

You be the judge:

Here's the "hit" from another angle:

In the above video, there doesn't appear to be any helmet to helmet contact and the defender doesn't appear to launch himself, both of which are necessary requisites for a targeting call.

At any rate, Penn State fans, and to a larger extent #CollegeFootballTwitter, were all pissed about the call:

Penn State trails Michigan 28-0 at halftime. With that scoreline, maybe getting ejected wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.