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Brewers Pitcher Adrian Houser Vomited On The Mound During Today's Game

Brewers pitcher Adrian Houser throws up on the mound.

Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Adrian Houser has had a Sunday he would like to forget thus far. Unfortunately, it will be hard for him to do that.

It doesn't have anything to do with how Houser has thrown in the game today against the Philadelphia Phillies. Rather, it's what happened while he was throwing.

Twice, Houser had to throw up behind the mound. He did it once while warming up and another time during the inning.

It is hot and humid in Milwaukee today, but it sounds like Houser might be sick. Poor guy.

If you have a strong stomach, the video of the Brewers' pitcher vomiting on the mound is below.

Amazingly, even though he threw up twice and gave up one run on a couple of doubles, Houser managed to gut it out. He finished the inning.

The Phillies lead the Brewers 9-5 in the eighth inning.