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Brian Windhorst: It's "Possible" Both LeBron, Kawhi Could End Up On The Sixers

LeBron James hugs Kawhi Leonard after a game.

LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are, arguably, two of the five or so best players in the NBA. James' inclusion in the top five (top one, really) is inarguable. Leonard has been there before and, if fully healthy is probably still there (with his health obviously being a major concern right now).

Is it possible both LeBron and Kawhi could end up playing for the same team in 2018-19? And is it possible that that team will be the Philadelphia 76ers?

Yes - it's possible. Leonard could force a trade to Philadelphia at some point this offseason. The Sixers could then theoretically have enough cap space to sign LeBron James, too.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst outlined this possibility on SportsNation today.

A lineup of LeBron, Ben Simmons, Kawhi Leonard and Joel Embiid would be the scariest thing the NBA has ever seen. At least part of you has to want to see it. The Sixers aren't the only team that could theoretically end up with both LeBron and Kawhi, either. The Lakers could trade for Leonard and then sign James as a free agent, too. The Clippers could maybe do the same.

Regardless of what happens with LeBron and Kawhi, it's going to be one really entertaining summer in the NBA. It seems likely that both James and Leonard will be available.