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Everyone's Confused By The Penalty Called On Brice Butler

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Brice Butler got called for a pretty puzzling penalty.

Brice Butler received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty in the first quarter of the Cowboys game against the Green Bay Packers today. The penalty was a crippling one. It stalled Dallas' drive, which looked like it could end with points, forcing the Dak Prescott-led offense to punt a couple of plays later.

What was the penalty, exactly?

Butler got called for an unsportsmanlike penalty for participating in the huddle and then leaving the field and not participating in the play.

It's confusing, since it didn't really look like Butler participated in an actual huddle.

This was the huddle:

Was it really a huddle? Twitter says no.

">January 15, 2017

">January 15, 2017

">January 15, 2017

The Cowboys trail the Packers, 7-3, late in the 1st quarter.