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Britt McHenry And John Feinstein Got Into A Twitter Spat Wednesday

Britt McHenry didn't just fire back at Colin Kaepernick yesterday.

On Wednesday, the former ESPN reporter wrote an impassioned response to Kaepernick's 4th Of July tweet. In that tweet, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback asked "“How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs?”

Additionally, McHenry bumped heads with longtime sportswriter John Feinstein. It all started with a tweet from Feinstein talking about people who had been laid off at ESPN recently.

Feinstein said "some very good and talented people lost jobs" and added that "some not so good or talented people too." In the latter category, he included McHenry and Andy Katz.

McHenry responded, and the entire exchange can be read below, thanks to Twitter use @chrislingebach.

Feinstein went on to write a few more responses to McHenry, where he seemed to back down a little bit.

You can see them below.

A screenshot of John Feinstein tweets.

We're going to guess that Feinstein thinks McHenry got what she deserved largely because of her infamous 2015 incident with a parking lot attendant.

Either way, this could have gone further off the rails, but it seems cooler heads prevailed.