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Britt McHenry, Jen Royle Got Into A Nasty Twitter Spat

Britt McHenry and Jen Royle got into a nasty Twitter spat late Friday night.

Two prominent sports reporters - former ESPNer Britt McHenry and Boston-based MLB writer Jen Royle - got into a nasty Twitter fight Friday night.

McHenry has deleted a number of tweets from the back-and-forth, so it's hard to know exactly how it started. But it appears to have included McHenry making fun of Royle, who has been featured on two food-related shows (The Taste, Beat Bobby Flay) for not owning a restaurant. Some have suggested that Royle fired the first shot, however.

McHenry acknowledged deleting the tweets, telling Royle that she doesn't like to have "replies" in her timeline.

Royle, as you'll see, took a number of shots at McHenry in the aftermath.

Got all that? Twitter, it never disappoints.