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Britt McHenry, ESPN's Sarah Spain Get Into Heated Twitter Debate

A split screen of Sarah Spain and Britt McHenry.

Twitter beef between sports personalities isn't uncommon. In fact, it seems to happen more than ever these days.

This afternoon, ESPN's Sarah Spain got into it with former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. McHenry is a veteran of these Twitter tiffs, and this isn't Spain's first rodeo either.

It all started with these tweets from Britt in regards to Ed Werder, who had a rough Monday morning.

Spain responded to McHenry in a series of tweets.

Okay, that's all pretty normal. But then Britt dropped a haymaker.

Naturally, Spain had to send back a salvo of her own.

And then came the hammer.

Britt did get the last word in in this back-and-forth.

All in all, this one got pretty nasty.

Clearly, there's no love lost between these two.