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Britt McHenry Thinks Her Future Could Be In Politics

The former ESPN reporter thinks her future could be away from sports.

Britt McHenry hasn't been afraid to voice her conservative political opinions since getting laid off by ESPN.

The former ESPN reporter is often tweeting about President Trump, conservative talk shows and criticisms of Colin Kaepernick.

Earlier this month, she wrote a blog post criticizing Kaepernick's comments about the 4th of July.

Now, the 31-year-old reporter can see herself making a move into the political world instead of pursuing another job in sports.

From the Washington Post:

Some friends have wondered if being a vocal conservative might cost McHenry potential jobs — gigs like being a sideline reporter, where controversy isn’t likely prized. But McHenry isn’t sure jobs like that are in her future anyhow. She once interned in the political division at Fox News, and she can see herself reentering that political sphere. Whatever she does next, she wants to remain free to express her opinions. Which means you’ll likely see her name in more headlines.

“If I have these social media platforms, if things are getting picked apart and they’re put into headlines, then I guess I realized maybe I have a voice, that I can speak to people and address things I’m riled up about,” she said. “I can be unplugged; I just don’t know how unplugged I should be right now.”

Many have speculated on Twitter that McHenry has been ploying for a gig with Fox News or another conservative outlet based on her social media presence in recent months. Maybe it'll happen.

You can read the Washington Post's full story here.