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Someone Is Attempting To Manipulate The Britt McHenry-Bill Walton Vote In Our '64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media' Bracket

The Sweet 16 of the Most Annoying bracket.

For the second straight round, Britt McHenry's matchup in our 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media bracket is producing some pretty unnatural-looking data.

In the second round, Britt's tilt against Barstool founder Dave Portnoy produced over 8,400 votes. No other matchup produced more than 3,600. The Stoolies are a powerful group, but this isn't exactly the kind of page you visit just to vote on one of the matchups. Most people who visited the page voted on all of the matchups.

Someone is manipulating the votes in the 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media bracket.

Now, in the Sweet 16, the results are even more skewed. Britt's matchup - this time with Bill Walton - has almost 5,200 votes in one day. The next-highest is Jemele Hill vs. Deadspin, which is just over 2,300.

Chris Broussard vs. Dick Vitale
Britt  McHenry vs. Bill Walton.

In fact, the post itself hasn't even been clicked 5,200 times. Which means that someone is likely heading directly to the poll's URL (hosted off of our site) and mass-voting - either by clicking a few thousand times or using a bot.

Part of this is admittedly our fault. We don't have a cap on voting. This is supposed to be a fun exercise.

That being said, someone appears to be attempting to manipulate the numbers here. We don't know if this person is for or against Britt (we're not even sure if it's an honor or not to win a "most annoying" poll) but they appear to be voting for both her and her opponent in bulk.

We could drill down into the data and figure out whether the same IP address has voted thousands of times. Instead, next round, we'll be switching to a new poll service that doesn't let you vote more than once.

Turns out the real NCAA Tournament bracket isn't the only one full of chaos.