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Browns Insider Asked If Baker Mayfield Can Win The Starting Job

A closeup of Baker Mayfield in a Cleveland Browns headband.

The Cleveland Browns made Baker Mayfield the No. 1 overall pick in April's NFL Draft. In doing so, they announced they plan on having Mayfield as their quarterback of the future.

But is he their QB of the future? The Browns acquired Tyrod Taylor in the offseason, and most indications are that Taylor will begin the season as the starter.

This morning, Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot appeared on "The Dan Patrick Show." While Patrick had her on, he asked if Mayfield had any shot at being the Week 1 starter.

Cabot's answer was an emphatic no, and it is because the Browns want it that way.

"No, because they're setting it up so that he really can't win this job, and they're also setting it up to keep Mayfield-mania at bay," Cabot said.

This makes sense. The Browns are a franchise starved for success and to finally find a competent quarterback. There's no need to put too much pressure on Mayfield too early in his career, especially if he's not ready to handle it.

Cleveland won't go 0-16 this year. There is actually some talent on this roster, so they should win a handful of games. Still, playoff contention seems beyond the pale, so sooner or later, it will be time to turn the reins over to Mayfield and let him get his feet wet.

That time just won't be Week 1.