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Bryce Harper Hints At Teaming Up With This Other MLB Superstar

Superstars team up all the time in the NBA; how about in baseball?

So-called "super teams" haven't made their way to the diamond, at least not since the Yankees went on a crazy spending spree in the early 2000s.

Still, the idea of two of baseball's best players teaming up is an exciting one. There is a lot of exceptional young talent in the game today.

Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper, 24, is one of those young stars. So is 25-year-old Chicago Cubs slugger Kris Bryant. They've known each other since they were kids, as both guys are from Las Vegas.

Their two MLB teams are playing each other this week, and Harper posted a picture of him, Bryant and their wives hanging out after a game. He included the hashtag #Back2BackOneDay.

Of course, some people started freaking out about that hashtag. It would be insane if these two ever hit back-to-back on the same team.

Harper is a free agent after next season, while Bryant is arbitration-eligible after 2018 and a free agent after 2022.

The Cubs likely can't afford both guys, but it is okay to dream.