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Bryce Harper Is Hitting With A Special Bat In The Home Run Derby Tonight

bryce harper unveils special home run derby bat

Bryce Harper is a couple of hours away from competing in the MLB's Home Run Derby. The Washington Nationals' All-Star outfielder is set to perform in front of his home crowd. It should be pretty special.

The six-time MLB All-Star has something special planned for tonight's competition. He has a couple of cool things planned, actually.

Harper will be pitched to by his father, Ron Harper, who pitched to him during his first Home Run Derby several years ago, when he finished in second.

A special bat and pair of cleats will be used, too.

Harper revealed this evening that he'll be using a special "Cherry Blossom" bat. He'll have a matching pair of cleats. Harper unveiled all of this during a meeting with reporters earlier this evening.

A photo of the bat has been tweeted out, too. It's a cool color of red.

Harper is seen by many as the favorite to win tonight's event. He's not only competing in front of his home crowd, but he has the most experience of anyone in the field. The last player to win the Home Run Derby in their home ballpark was Todd Frazier when he did it in Cincinnati.

The 2018 Home Run Derby is set to begin at 8 p.m. E.T. It will be televised on ESPN.