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Photos: Meet Kayla Harper, The Wife Of Nationals Star Bryce Harper

bryce harper and his wife at bryce harper field

Bryce Harper is set to compete in his second Home Run Derby tonight. The Washington Nationals' All-Star outfielder is set to compete in front of his home fans, as the All-Star Game is taking place at Nats Park in Washington, D.C.

It's going to be a family affair for Harper tonight. He's going to be pitched to by his father, Ron Harper, whom Bryce gives credit to for much of his baseball success. Ron pitched to Bryce during his first Home Run Derby, when he came in second place.

Bryce's wife, Kayla Harper, is sure to be in the stands watching, too.

The couple was married at the end of 2016. They were married at the San Diego Mormon Temple.

The wedding photos are incredible.

Bryce and Kayla live together in the Washington, D.C. area. They spend some of their offseason back in Las Vegas, where Bryce grew up. Kayla often joins Bryce on the road when the Nationals are traveling.

Bryce and Kayla were in Northern Virginia earlier today for the donation of a youth baseball field. It's the second field Bryce has donated to the Washington, D.C. area this season.

"Happy to have been a part of the dedication of Bryce Harper Field this morning. Thank you to everyone who came out and those who made it a reality," Kayla wrote.

Bryce and Kayla are set to be seen on ESPN tonight. The MLB's Home Run Derby broadcast at 8 p.m. E.T. on ESPN.