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BTN Host Dave Revsine Is Battling Bell's Palsy

Dave Resvsine appearing on BTN.

The Big Ten Network host has been off the air for a little while.

Big Ten Network host Dave Revsine has been off the air for a couple of weeks. Today, he revealed why.

Revsine, 48, shared some tough health news in a post for He's battling Bell's Palsy.

Thankfully, Bell's Palsy is a temporary condition. Still, it's a scary thing to go through.

Revsine revealed in his post how he's been doing and what it's been like. You can view some of it below:

After I spent a week battling a cold and a very odd headache, my face went numb on the night of Jan. 12, while I was attending a hockey game with my family. To say it was frightening would be an understatement. My wife and I initially thought I might be having a stroke, though a brief Googling of symptoms eased that fear. We were doing our “Tip-Off Show” the next morning in East Lansing, so, convinced that I wasn’t dying, I dutifully got into my car and began the three-plus hour drive.

Right around the halfway point, I glanced at my numb face in the rearview mirror and noticed that my left eye wasn’t blinking. I pulled over, did another quick Internet search and diagnosed myself with a textbook case of Bell’s Palsy, a temporary nerve condition that paralyzes one side of the face.

Revsine says he feels fine - he's not sick or tired or anything - but it's still been a difficult process. The most-frustrating part is probably that it can take weeks or months to run its course.

"I feel great," he wrote. "I’m not sick or tired. I can do absolutely everything I normally do … except for moving half my face. I’ve become a little more acclimated to the struggles of speaking this way in the last week."

Revsine is one of the best on-air talents in the college sports world. Our thoughts are with him as he battles through this. We can't wait to see him back on TV.