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Budweiser Heir Accused Of Beating Up A Kid At 6th Grade Basketball Practice

The underside of a basketball hoop.

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The heir to the Budweiser fortune is accused of beating up a kid at a youth basketball practice.

Billy Busch, the great-grandson of Budweiser founder Adolphus Busch, allegedly "manhandled" a sixth grader at his son's school.

The incident apparently occurred at a basketball practice. It happened in 2017.

The Riverfront Times has the details:

The 58-year-old Busch bloodied the boy's nose, dragged him by the front of his shirt and pinned him against a wall before the boy's father pulled him off, according to police reports obtained by the Riverfront Times through a Sunshine request.

Busch is due to appear Wednesday in Creve Coeur municipal court.

The incident began in November 2017 when the boy and Busch's son scuffled in line during a basketball practice at Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur.

Busch, who is listed at six feet tall and 195 pounds, raced over to intervene. The boy, whom we are not identifying, later told police Busch swore at him.

"You fucker!" Busch allegedly said. "What do you fucking think you're fucking doing to my fucking kid?"

A lawyer for Mr. Busch released the following statement:

"Mr. Busch was unfortunately confronted last November with a situation where his son was bullied — actually sucker-punched — by a much larger middle school student directly in front of him during a school basketball practice. School personnel failed to react, so he did what every parent would have done in that situation. The school's video of the event clearly shows that Mr. Busch did not act with any maliciousness, and that his actions were directed at protecting the safety of his son and others involved."

You can read The Riverfront Times' full story here.