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CalTech Hit By NCAA Sanctions, Gets to Keep Win

The NCAA's most futile athletic program gets stripped of wins.
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When they said they'd like to emulate USC's athletic program, this probably isn't what they meant. The California Institute of Technology, an institution well-known for its academics and rarely its sports teams, is facing NCAA sanctions, according to the San Francisco Gate.

The NCAA determined that CalTech had allowed thirty players to play while ineligible. The infractions were "inadvertant" according to the school, and CalTech did self-report the issues. The Beavers will be punished with three years of probation, one year without campus recruiting, and the vacation of several wins.

However, the school does get to hang on to its basketball win that snapped a 26-year, 310 game in-conference losing streak in 2010. Phew.

Other notable streaks for the Beavers include their current 237 game losing streak on the baseball diamond, and their recently-snapped nine-year losing streak in water polo.