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Canada's Jocelyne Larocque Getting Crushed For What She Did With Her Silver Medal

Jocelyne Larocque looking down.

Canada's women's hockey team had won the gold medal in the last four Winter Olympics. That streak did not reach five.

The Canadians, the heavy favorite in the tournament, fell in the gold medal game early Thursday morning. They were defeated by Team USA.

The Americans scored a game-tying goal in the third period and forced overtime. Neither team scored in the extra period.

The shootout was tied after five attempts. Team USA eventually won it on the sixth go with an epic goal. You can watch it Video: Here’s The Goal That Won Team USA The Gold Medal


Team Canada was understandably shocked by the loss. One player was so unhappy with the result that she immediately got rid of her silver medal.

Jocelyne Larocque, a 29-year-old defenseman, was pretty upset. So, right after getting the silver medal draped on her neck, she took it off.

Check it out:

Yikes. That's one unhappy Canadian hockey player.

Larocque is facing some criticism for what she did. Some are calling her a poor sport and a sore loser.

But it's the Olympics. This is the biggest and most-important of competitions. We get why she would be so upset.

Hopefully we'll get a USA-Canada rematch in 2022.