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A Final Decision On Carmelo Anthony Is Coming Soon

carmelo anthony at a thunder press conference

The Carmelo Anthony saga with the Oklahoma City Thunder appears to be coming to an end at some point in the near future. The 10-time All-Star is likely to hit the free agency market soon.

Anthony, who spent the 2017-18 season with the Thunder after getting traded by the Knicks, will not be spending the 2018-19 season in Oklahoma City. The team's payroll and luxury taxes are too high for him to stay put.

So, the Thunder are working on either a buyout or a stretching of his contract. He has one year and nearly $30 million remaining on his deal.

Once he hits the free agency market, the Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers are likely to be the two favorites to sign him. The Rockets are probably option No. 1, considering they've lost a couple of their small forwards this offseason. They also boast Anthony's close friend, Chris Paul, at point guard.

This is likely to happen pretty soon, according to a new report.

Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press is reporting that the Thunder's GM, Sam Presti, was in meetings all today attempting to figure out a solution.

"Sam Presti has been in meetings 'all day,' trying to bring some sort of resolution to the Carmelo Anthony saga. (And that should surprise no one, but it makes me wonder if the finish line is in sight)," he reports.

Anthony is one of the biggest question marks remaining in this NBA offseason. He'll likely have several decent options once he hits the open market.