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A Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumor Has Already Been Shot Down

carmelo anthony at a thunder press conference

A major Carmelo Anthony trade is being discussed, according to an NBA insider. The Oklahoma City Thunder are looking to move the 10-time All-Star forward ahead of the 2018-19 season to save some money.

The Thunder have reportedly been talking with the Brooklyn Nets about a Carmelo Anthony trade involving Jeremy Lin. Another player would likely have to be involved to make the trade work monetarily.

Mitch Lawrence reported the news.

"Oklahoma City looking to get something for Carmelo Anthony and talking to Brooklyn about a deal, with Jeremy Lin potentially going to OKC, per sources. Nets looking to get pick(s). Want to move Lin and would buy out Melo," he reports.

This report has already been shot down by one of the players involved, though.

Jeremy Lin says he doesn't think it'll happen.

"My agent called me just to clarify. But no, I don’t think there’s any. I don’t think that has any truth to it," he says of the Carmelo Anthony trade rumor.

If Carmelo was traded to Brooklyn, he would almost surely be bought out immediately and then able to sign elsewhere. Houston and Miami are believed to be the two favorites to land him if he is bought out and free to sign with a new team of his choosing.