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The Cavs Have A Surprising Plan For Kevin Love After LeBron's Departure

kevin love runs onto the court during a game for the cleveland cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers star forward Kevin Love runs onto the court. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The Cavs are now moving forward in a post-LeBron James era. Cleveland learned on Sunday night that the franchise's best player of all-time was leaving for Los Angeles. LeBron has agreed to a four-year max contract with the Lakers.

Where do the Cavs go from here? Into a rebuild, you would think.

The LeBron James-less Cavs roster is, probably one of the two or three worst in the Eastern Conference. It's incredibly difficult to imagine Cleveland even sniffing the playoffs in 2018-19.

The Cavs, though, have a surprising plan for Kevin Love and the rest of their roster moving forward.

Love, a multi-time All-Star, would likely be a prime trade target. If you can move him for future picks/young assets, you'd think you would have to do that.

That doesn't appear to be in the works for the Cavs, though. Cleveland reportedly intends on keeping Love and attempting to compete for a playoff spot.


Multiple reports, including one from our own Joe Vardon, state that the Cavs intend to keep All-Star Kevin Love and fight for a playoff spot -- even without MVP runner-up James.

Good luck with that, Cavs. It's possible Cleveland will be able to retool its roster enough to be somewhat competitive in 2018-19, but going for a full rebuild with a year or two in the lottery of the NBA Draft would probably be the better option. They just drafted Collin Sexton at No. 8 overall and adding another young player or two in the coming years could give the Cavs a formidable core to build around.

Regardless, the Cavs will be looking significantly different come the start of the 2018-19 season. And we're very interested in seeing just how different they are.