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Cavs Owner Getting Destroyed For What He Tweeted Right Before Game 1

Dan Gilbert clasping his hands during a press conference.

Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals is underway. We've got the Golden State Warriors taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth straight year.

Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert took to Twitter moments before tipoff at Game 1 to praise his franchise for everything that went into this year's NBA Finals appearance. That's pretty nice.

Unfortunately, one aspect of his grateful tweets is just ridiculous. And he's unsurprisingly getting trashed for it.

Can you identify which aspect of these tweets he's getting crushed for? It's this one:

So, you're saying that if you hadn't traded Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, you would "not be here with a good chance to bring another (championship) home to Cleveland? When Irving helped lead the Cavs to the past three NBA Finals?


Game 1 of the NBA Finals is being televised on ABC. We're tied up, 21-21, almost eight minutes into the contest. Klay Thompson just left the contest with an apparent knee injury.