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CBS Executive Admitted Kentucky Loss Was Bad For TV Ratings

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Kentucky is out of the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats fell in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night.

This is not good for TV ratings.

CBS Sports' executive Sean McManus admitted this much during an appearance on Chris Russo's SiriusXM's Mad Dog Unleashed on Friday.

“From a television standpoint, you really root for the big teams,” McManus said, as transcribed by The Big Lead. “Last night’s Kentucky outcome was not good for us and not good for TBS at all. Kentucky being the blue bloods that they are, and having the television draw that they have, that really hurt us. Kansas State winning — I have nothing against Kansas State as a school or a team — but that really hurt us.”

The right side of the bracket is in good shape when it comes to the big names. Kansas and Villanova will meet in the Final Four on Saturday night.

On the left side, though, it's Loyola-Chicago against Michigan.

Losing Kentucky hurts.

“And that was a game Kentucky should’ve won. All they gotta do is hit a few free throws at the end of the game and they win that game — that really hurt us.”

Having a team like Loyola in the Final Four could be good for TV ratings, though, especially with them matching up against a big name like Michigan.

The Final Four is set to tip off a little after 6 p.m. E.T. on Saturday. It'll be on TBS.