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The Celtics Reportedly Haven't Included This Young Star In Kawhi Leonard Talks

jaylen brown puts his celtics jersey on before a game

The San Antonio Spurs are more open to trading star Kawhi Leonard. According to reports, they are "fully engaged" in discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

From the standpoint of enticing assets to offer in a trade, the Celtics have more than the Lakers on paper. There's Al Horford, Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown, plus a ton of draft picks.

However, the Celtics are reportedly being "cautious" in their conversations with San Antonio. This presumably has to do with uncertainty regarding Leonard's health and if he would want to re-up with Boston after next season when he becomes a free agent.

That info also matches up with the latest news from Boston Globe writer Gary Washburn. who says Boston is taking a conservative approach and has not mentioned Jaylen Brown in any talks with the Spurs.

Brown is heading into his third season in the NBA and is viewed as a budding star.

As talented as Brown is, you probably part with him if you're Boston if Leonard is fully healthy and locked in for multiple seasons.

But because neither of those things seem to be guaranteed, it makes sense that Boston is handling this the way it is.

We'll see if anything changes as talks continue.