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Charissa Thompson Reveals A Stalker Showed Up To Her Home - Here's What Happened

charissa thompson talks to dan patrick

Charissa Thompson has had a couple of unfortunate, scary things happen to her over the past couple of months. The Fox Sports 1 host opened up about them during a recent appearance on Richard Deitsch's media podcast.

The 36-year-old host had previously posted on Instagram that she had a stalker show up to her home. Thankfully, she wasn't in California at the time, and a man staying at her house (it turned out to be ESPN's Ryen Russillo) confronted the stalker and made him leave.

Still, it was an incredibly scary situation for her (and Ryen). She opened up about what happened while talking to Deitsch.

"This guy had shown up at my house; Ryen came back from dinner, and this guy was standing behind my garbage cans in like an unlit area. The sensor lights came on, and Ryen was like “Who are you?” and the guy was like “I’m here to surprise Charissa for my birthday.” And Ryen at first was like, maybe she does know this person, and the guy said “Yeah, call her, she knows I’m here.” So Ryen calls me, and I miss it because I’m three hours ahead in Buffalo, so I miss Ryen’s call. And the guy then says “We’ve been texting…” and Ryen said “Show me the messages” and nothing is adding up.

And the guy says “Well, I don’t actually have any messages with her, I just feel I know her because of the way she speaks on social media," she said.

Thompson ended up watching the security footage a couple of days later.

“After watching the footage, this guy was at my house for 2.5 hours. I have two entrances, a side entrance and another door, he was trying to open the doors, lifting up flower pots looking for keys, and he had a big piece of luggage with him. Then I was able to see Ryen pull up and their whole exchange.”

How terrifying. Thankfully, it was Russillo and Thompson who showed up at the house.

You can listen to the full interview here.