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Here's A Photo Of Charles Barkley's Bracket, Which Is Disgusting

Charles Barkley - like many of us - needs a do-over when it comes to his NCAA Tournament bracket.

Turner analyst Charles Barkley focuses more on the NBA than he does college basketball, and this March, it's showing. Barkley's bracket is an absolute disaster after the first weekend of the Big Dance.

Barkley had both Arizona and Michigan State in the national title game. The Wildcats lost to Buffalo in their opening game, while the Spartans lost to Syracuse in the second round.

He also had San Diego State and Tennessee in the Elite Eight - they're out too.

Barkley does have Villanova and Gonzaga left in his Final Four - but he has them losing to Michigan State and Arizona, respectively.

Check out his bracket. It's gross.

Here's a better look:

Charles Barkley's 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket

The 2018 NCAA Tournament resumes on Thursday night. It's been as unpredictable as ever.