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Charles Barkley Makes His Pick For Kansas vs. Duke

Charles Barkley has let it be known who he's picking in the Kansas vs. Duke game.

Sunday night's Kansas vs. Duke contest is easily the most intriguing in the Elite Eight, and it looks like Turner analyst Charles Barkley already knows who he's going to pick.

Barkley, joking that Kansas fans want him to pick Duke, did just that. He's going with the Blue Devils.

Why do Kansas fans want Barkley to pick the Blue Devils? Probably because he's been wrong with almost all of his picks during this year's NCAA Tournament.

"I hear some people telling me they're glad I picked Florida State because they're a Michigan fan. And I hear Kansas fans want me to pick Duke tomorrow.

Well let me go ahead and get ahead of that. I'm taking Duke tomorrow. So I got Duke tomorrow and you Kansas fans can go crazy."

Barkley also said he's very confident Florida State will rally in the second half to take down Michigan.

Kansas and Duke will tip off at 5:05 PM ET on Sunday.