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Charles Barkley Names The "Best" Fans In College Basketball

The Sweet 16 is underway. We've got four games taking place tonight.

The two games on right now are Nevada-Loyola and Michigan-Texas A&M. One game is close (Nevada-Loyola) and one game is a blowout (Michigan-Texas A&M).

Kentucky is set to play in one of the later games. The Wildcats are taking on No. 9 seed Kansas State.

UK's first NCAA Tournament games were in Boise, Idaho. Unsurprisingly, there weren't a ton of Big Blue Nation die-hards able to make that trip.

Tonight will be different.

The South Region final is being held in Atlanta. Thousands of Kentucky fans have made the trek to the arena for the game.

Charles Barkley said tonight that he believes Kentucky has the "best" fans in all of college basketball.

"They travel in droves," he says.

Is he right?

Probably, yeah.

Kentucky and Kansas State are set to tip off at 9:37 p.m. E.T. The game will be on CBS.