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Chris Fowler May Have Accidentally Revealed College GameDay's Location Next Week

Former College GameDay host Chris Fowler may have accidentally revealed where the show is headed next week. Or maybe not.

ESPN College GameDay is in Times Square this week, but next week, it'll likely be back where it belongs - on a campus. Virginia Tech is looking like the most likely bet based on what former host Chris Fowler has been tweeting.

Fowler responded to a fan in a tweet thread about GameDay, saying "yes" when asked if ESPN is coming to Blacksburg next week. Fowler later clarified that he can confirm that Clemson vs. Virginia Tech will be ABC's night game and therefore the game he's calling - but he also said he can't confirm that GameDay will set up shop there.

Virginia Tech itself responded to Fowler's tweet - making it even more interesting.

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech is probably the best game on the slate next weekend, so this wouldn't be a huge surprise. We'll see how it all unfolds.