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Video Of Chris Paul Coaching LeBron James Jr. Is Going Viral

lebron james jr dominates his opponents.

It's fair to say that LeBron James Jr., or Bronny as he's called, has a bit of an advantage having one of the greatest power forwards of all-time in his ear all day long. But LeBron isn't the only NBA star coaching up his son these days. Chris Paul is too.

This week, SLAM posted video of Paul, one of the best point guards in NBA history, coaching LeBron's son during a recent AAU game. Bronny plays for the North Coast Blue Chips, which seems to destroy every team they face up against. LeBron's son is 13, for the record.

It's pretty clear that Bronny is going to have both the athleticism and advice he needs to be successful. The biggest variable seems to be how tall he'll grow to be.

Check out the video, via SLAM. It's going viral:

Many are wondering if LeBron will still be around in the NBA when his son becomes eligible to play in the pros. Bronny needs another five or six years, which would make LeBron 38 or 39 years old by then. It'd be fascinating if they were both in the league at the same time.

It's also interesting that LeBron and Paul have not found a way to play together yet. Paul, after getting traded to the Houston Rockets last year, re-signed with the team earlier this month. LeBron, of course, is now in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers.

Maybe someday all three will play together. That'd be incredible.