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Clay Matthews Blasts NFL's New Rules After Today's Penalty

nfl releases statement on clay matthews penalty

Once again, Clay Matthews was the victim of a questionable roughing the passer call. Although his penalty didn't change the outcome of the game against Washington, Green Bay's linebacker is rightfully furious.

The NFL has made it clear that any severe hits to the quarterback won't be tolerated. Nonetheless, the league continues to hinder the performance of defensive players, as their rules are extremely cautious.

Well, Matthews finally responded after being the topic of conversation for the third consecutive weekend.

Matthews said "Unfortunately this league is going in a direction a lot of people don't like...they're getting soft."

It's hard to blame Matthews for his frustration, as this week's hit on Alex Smith wasn't even vicious. However, the talented pass rusher might have to change his ways because it's clearly not meeting the league's standards.

Next week, the Packers host the Buffalo Bills, as Matthews hopefully ends his weekly occurrence of receiving a flag for roughing the passer.