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Clay Travis Booted Off CNN For Saying He "Only Believes In The First Amendment And Boobs"

Clay Travis appears on CNN.

Clay Travis may have gone too far Friday afternoon.

Clay Travis, who runs Outkick the Coverage and hosts his own sports radio show, was a guest on CNN Friday afternoon - supposedly to talk about the whole Jemele Hill vs. Donald Trump war of words. His appearance didn't last long.

Travis, who has been seemingly at war with ESPN the past few weeks, told CNN host Brooke Baldwin that he only believes in two things - the first amendment and boobs.

Baldwin asked him to clarify whether he said booze or boobs - and after hearing the answer, she soon booted him from the show.

Here's video:

Baldwin and Travis have both tweeted in the aftermath.

Clearly, this was a calculated move by Travis. The sports world is writing about it. CNN is upset. He'll get press. Whether it's worth it - that's a question I can't answer.