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Watch: Colin Cowherd Says He Knows One SEC Football Program Is Paying Players

Colin Cowherd speaking on his show on FS1.


The FBI probe into college basketball recruiting has captivated sports talk since Yahoo's major report came out on Friday.

In it, more than two dozen players and 20 programs were mentioned as potentially being involved with impermissible benefits. There were some major programs on the list.

FS1 radio host Colin Cowherd discussed the topic at length the other day. He mentioned it could mean the end of the one-and-done and explained why below.

Cowherd touched on the recruiting landscape of college sports again today. One of his overriding points was that it is unfair to say "everybody does it" in regard to cheating in college sports, because there are plenty of coaches that don't.

During a particularly juicy segment, Cowherd mentioned Virginia basketball coach Tony Bennett and Stanford football coach David Shaw as people he would be stunned to find out were cheating. What was really interesting was what Cowherd said next.

Cowherd came out and cited an unnamed SEC football program as "setting itself up for sanctions." Their transgression? Illegal recruiting by paying players.

"There is a program in the SEC right now that is playing right on the edge," Cowherd said. "It's not Ole Miss bad, but it's close. My sources tell me in the last year--it ain't Ole Miss bad, but it's getting there. Football, with paying players."

You can listen to Cowherd's comments, and his entire show from today by checking out the link here. The remarks about cheating at an SEC program are around the 1:41:40 mark.

As for which SEC program is the one he's referring to, well, let the speculation begin. Fans from all around the conference will undoubtedly have no problem pointing the finger at a rival school.