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Colin Cowherd Has A Hot Take On The Playoff After Ohio State vs. Penn State

Colin Cowherd trashes Notre Dame.

Colin Cowherd thinks the Big Ten is getting two teams in.

Ohio State staged an incredible come-from-behind victory over Penn State on Saturday afternoon, and there are many, including ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, who figure the Nittany Lions' College Football Playoff chances are doomed. Colin Cowherd doesn't think so.

Cowherd says he called Ohio State's win - and added that he still thinks that both teams will be part of the playoff.

That'd be a huge surprise, obviously. Penn State could very well finish with an 11-1 record, but without a marquee win and without a conference title, it's hard to see them qualifying.

It's actually seeming more possible that the loser of Alabama vs. Georgia in the SEC title game could get in - which would mean two SEC teams making it, not two Big Ten teams.

We'll find out in about a month if Cowherd was right.