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Colin Kaepernick Just Tweeted About This NFL Player

Colin Kaepernick in Nike commercial.

Colin Kaepernick hasn't been heard from much so far this NFL regular season outside of his deal with Nike, but the former San Francisco 49ers' quarterback just praised one of his former teammates on social media.

Eric Reid, who kneeled with Kaepernick during the national anthem while the two played for the 49ers, is now with the Carolina Panthers. The defensive back made headlines for his actions on the field during the win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Panthers' safety was held back during a pregame altercation with Malcolm Jenkins and got into it with some Eagles players during the game.

Reid said after the game that Jenkins was a "sellout."

This feud reportedly dates back to last year, when Reid withdrew from the Players Coalition. Jenkins, the co-founder of the Players Coalition, initially was part of the national anthem protests, but withdrew when the NFL announced a $100 million donation to causes deemed important by the coalition. Reid clearly still has issues with Jenkins and his decision-making. Kaepernick remains a fan of Reid, though. He tweeted the following today:

Reid has continued to knee during the national anthem during his time with the Panthers.