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Courtney Smith's Mom Appears To Call Out Brett McMurphy's Latest Report

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The mother of Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of Zach Smith, appears to have taken to Facebook to call out the latest report by college football insider Brett McMurphy.

Tina Carano, the mother of Courtney Smith, reportedly spoke with McMurphy on Saturday, regarding what she told Jeff Snook, who dropped his own bombshell report earlier in the week.

"Tina Carano, Courtney Smith’s estranged mother, confirmed to me on Saturday she sent text messages to Zach Smith detailing his repeated abuse of Courtney. This contradicts what Carano said in an interview Thursday," McMurphy tweeted.

“He hit her because of self defense,” Carano told McMurphy on Saturday. “It’s not like he punched (her) or threw a punch at her. He was putting his hands against her throat and pushing her against a wall to get away. That’s all I’m going to say.” McMurphy then included apparent text messages from Carano to Smith, talking about the alleged abuse. Carano later took to Facebook to question the validity of them.

McMurphy addressed Carano's disputes in an updated post.

After my interview with Carano, she posted on Facebook that she didn’t remember the text message conversations to Courtney and added “where is the proof those texts are even from me or my phone?”

In November of 2015, Courtney said Carano willingly provided her cell phone and I-Pad to Courtney so that Carano’s text messages could be used in a Powell (Ohio) Police investigation of Zach Smith’s past domestic violence allegations.

You can view the full update here.