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Long-Time Cubs Fan Passes Away Just Hours After World Series Win

A Cubs fan speaks about his team. He died just before they won the World Series.

An 85-year-old Cubs fan passed away just hours after Chicago won the World Series.

Darel Sterner was a long-time Cubs fan, and unfortunately, during Chicago's magical run, the 85-year-old's health took a turn for the worse. As you'll learn in the video below, however, he survived just long enough to hear that his beloved Cubs had ended their 108-year title drought.

In the video below, put together by USA TODAY's Humankind, you can see that his son got to tell him the news just hours before he passed away.

According to the video, Durk Sterner delivered a powerful quote after Darel passed away:

"We all believe he is in heaven, one of the first Cubs fans there to see them win the World Series before passing away."

In fact, the Cubs winning the World Series just before he passed was such a big deal, it was part of his obituary in The Iowa City Press-Citizen:

He was a LONG TIME Chicago Cubs fan and lived long enough to hear the Cubs had won the World Series!

It's also noted that Sterner will be buried with a Cubs World Series champion t-shirt in his coffin.