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Video: Cubs Fans Are Really Enjoying Doing Trust Falls Off Tall Objects In Chicago

Cubs fans riot after the team wins the World Series.


Cubs fans have discovered the act of trust falling and they simply can't stop.

Chicago won the World Series on Wednesday night and to celebrate the end of their 108 year drought, Cubs fans decided to start performing trust falls off of extremely tall objects.

Here is one of the first ones we saw after the win on Wednesday night:

Notice the guy climbing the poll while the other guy falls? Cubs fans can't get enough of catching each other, it's unbelievable. The falls have continued into Friday as well ahead of the team's parade in Chicago:

It's not the smartest idea to fall off of a very tall object into the arms of people you have likely never met before in your life, but hey, this fanbase can do no wrong at the moment.

Here is a thing that wasn't invented or performed when the Cubs won their last World Series in 1908: trust falling.