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ESPN Discusses Possibility Of Lakers Trading For All-Star Point Guard

damian lillard asked about playing for the lakers

Damian Lillard fueled some Lakers speculation on Wednesday when he responded to a fan on Twitter asking him about a possible move to Los Angeles. The fan asked Lillard, an All-NBA first-team point guard this past season, if he would be happy to play alongside LeBron in Southern California.

"I'm typically a happy camper," Lillard responded.


Lillard's next tweet attempted to play it all down, but nobody else seemed to care. "Damian Lillard to the Lakers" talk has begun.

ESPN discussed the possibility of Lillard being traded to the Lakers on The Jump today.

"I think there's interest on both sides," ESPN NBA reporter Ramona Shelburne said.

However, Shelburne was adamant in saying that she didn't think it was going to happen. It would take a lot for Portland to give him up at this point. The Lakers do have a package that could make it work - Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, maybe - but Los Angeles probably isn't willing to do that at this point.

Lillard and LeBron would certainly work - it would be extremely similar to a LeBron-Kyrie pairing - but it's probably a pairing Lakers fans are only get to dream about. There's likely too much preventing either side from actually pulling the trigger.