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Dan Gilbert Releases Statement About LeBron Going To The Lakers

Dan Gilbert clasping his hands during a press conference.

Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has released a statement about LeBron James' decision to leave the franchise for the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency. This statement has a much different tone than the one from 2010.

The Cavs owner is, in a word, thankful for what LeBron did for his franchise. After leaving for the Miami Heat in 2010, LeBron returned to Northeast Ohio in 2014.

LeBron brought Cleveland a championship, leading the Cavs to an NBA Finals title over the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

The Cavs made four straight NBA Finals since LeBron returned, going 1-3.

Gilbert has wished LeBron and his family well in Los Angeles. "LeBron is a family man, first," he wrote in his statement.

The Cavs owner then said he's looking forward to the day when LeBron's No. 23 jersey gets retired in Cleveland.

The full statement can be read below:

Good for Dan Gilbert and the Cavs. It's tough to imagine a breakup like this one going better than it has so far. Both parties got what they wanted out of the relationship and can both now move on.