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Danica Patrick Sends Message To Aaron Rodgers Before Today's Game

danica patrick is looking stressed tonight

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are underway in one of the biggest games of their regular season, taking on the Los Angeles Rams at the Coliseum in Southern California.

It's been a good start for the Packers, who are up 10-0 on the undefeated Rams early in the second quarter.

Rodgers has looked brilliant, of course, completing 5 of 9 passes for 104 yards so far.

Danica Patrick, Rodgers' girlfriend, doesn't appear to be at today's game, but she is certainly watching.

The former NASCAR star posted the following message on Instagram prior to kickoff:

"Had to go to my happy place about a million times today during back bending! ? ....about 20 min into the 2 hours(every class, because it’s hard) I think to myself, do I really want to be here, by the end I just want to keep going. Flexibility is tough. It hurts and it takes a very long time to see a difference. But, it’s probably one of the most important things to work on physically for the long haul. All of these videos are taken after a minimum of 60 min of class. A very, very, tough class. ?? pain before growth in everything. Namaste. Now....?! #gopackgo," she wrote.

Patrick shared a funny anecdote about her relationship with Rodgers earlier this month, too.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

Patrick brought the idea to Rodgers of converting a bedroom into a space of her own. She said she already had her essential oils, salt rock lamp, yoga mat and meditation pillow in a windowless room in the house, but wanted a space with windows instead.

"I got shut down," Patrick said when asked what Rodgers' response was.

"He's got a man cave with his pop shot and ping-pong table and bar, and I need a woman cave," Patrick told Hannah Storm on Monday at the annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit in California.

You can read the full story here.

The Packers and the Rams are playing on FOX.