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Danny Ainge Reveals Why Kyrie Irving Wasn't At Game 7

Kyrie Irving gives interview.

Kyrie Irving was not on the bench for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night. The Boston Celtics' star point guard is hurt and has been out since the end of the regular season, but he's typically still been on the bench, cheering on his teammates.

So, Irving's absence on Sunday night was notable. The All-Star guard was even criticized by ESPN analyst Mark Jackson during the game for not being there.

We now know why Irving wasn't at the game. Celtics' GM Danny Ainge revealed where his point guard was earlier this afternoon.

Irving was recovering from nasal surgery. He had a deviated septum.

“I don’t think he wanted to be seen in public and ruin his movie career,” Ainge joked.

So, there you go. Recovering from surgery is a pretty good reason for not being on the bench on Sunday night.

Irving and the Celtics will be back in 2018-19. Boston will be one of, if not the favorite to win the Eastern Conference next season.